Bakery Mozart English Page

5 minutes on foot from the south exit of JR Kameoka station
5 parking spaces available

Dining space available

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday 7AM to 5PM
Closed on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays

About Mozart

Mozart is a subsidiary of Harmony Care Group who manages different types of services for handicapped and disabled people.
We would like to educate and promote social awareness to increase consciousness so we can help disabled and handicapped people have a normal life.
We would like you to contribute in this cause by supporting us in buying our delicious baked goods.

We sell a variety of baked goods ranging from sweet red bean paste bread, curry bread, chocolate rolls, walnut bread, and honey butter bread which goes well with our freshly brewed coffee.
We have an online shop and we can deliver anywhere in Japan.

Grand Menu(our prices are tax included)
salt butter bread 110 yen
honey butter bread 110 yen
curry donuts bread 180 yen
sesame rice cake donuts 130 yen
premium red bean paste bread 170 yen
roll with orange peel 320 yen
roll with walnuts inside 320 yen
white bread 260 yen
premium white bread 300 yen
macha green tea filled cone bread 162 yen
chocolate filled cone bread 162 yen

Sping Limited Menu ( our prices are tax included)
red bean paste bread wrapped with cherry blossom leaf 151 yen
custard cream brioches 151 yen
macha green tea crumble danish 140 yen
red bean paste bread pie with cherry blossom leaf 151 yen
red bean paste in wormwood herb bread 140 yen
honey lemon danish 140 yen
そらまめベーコンパン173円 green bean bread